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ILMC Publications

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ILMC Brochure

Provides an overview of the ILMC and its planned activities. Available as a PDF and HTML format.

ILMC Ceramics Handbook

This book contains a comprehensive body of technical data to enable all those interested in lead glazes for foodware to easily access relevant information in a single source.  Several levels of information have been incorporated to address various needs including, detailed glaze compositions and lead extraction . This Handbook explains the safe use of lead-containing ceramic glazes and decorations in a range of industries from the large manufacturers to smaller cottage industries. Available as a printable PDF (3 MB).

ILMC Ceramics Primer for the non-Ceramist

A fifteen page overview of the safe use of lead glazes for the non-ceramist and those interested in ceramic glazing as a hobby. Available as a printable PDF.


ILMC Conference Papers


Blacksmith Institute - Bellagio, Italy - October 10 – 14, 2007
Inception Meeting - The Global Pollution Remediation Fund

3rd APRCP, Manila Feb. 28 - Mar. 2 2001

13th International Lead Conference, June 2001

Asia Solid and Hazardous Waste
Management Conference, November 2001

14th International Lead Conference, October 2003

SBC ULAB Recovery Project Steering Committee Meeting, Caracas, December 2003

ILZSG Economic and Environment Committee, London, April 2005

16th International Lead Conference, Budapest, June 2007

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ILMC Workshop Papers

Basel Convention - Environmentally Sound Management of Spent Lead Acid Batteries in Central America and the Caribbean - Project Launching Workshop - Trinidad, May 3/4 2001

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English text-only versions

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Spanish text-only versions


UNCTAD Workshop on Building National Capacity in Sustainable Management of Recoverable Material/Resources in Rapidly Industrializing Countries Bangkok, September 20-22 2001

PowerPoint versions

Notes versions


Joint Study Groups Recycling Workshop, September 2003

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ILMC Newsletter (NewsCasting)


ILMC Fact Sheets


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