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ILMC Brochure

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ILMC Brochure
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Commitment and Support

The international lead industry recognizes that exposure to lead can result in risk to human health and the environment. The industry is committed, through the International Lead Management Center (ILMC), to work with governments, industries and the international community to manage the risk of lead exposure.

The Environment Ministers of the Organisation for Economic Cooper-ation and Development (OECD) recognized in the 1996 Declaration on Risk Reduction for Lead that the industry has experience in the sound management of lead production and the prudent use of lead products, including the development of alternative solutions.

The International Lead Management Center is thus charged with the implementation of a voluntary Industry Lead Risk Management Project. The ILMC Risk Management Project is consistent with the recommendation in the UNCED Agenda 21 for action by governments and industry to enhance the sound management of chemicals.

Although ILMC was founded and is sponsored by the lead-producing industry, liaison and cooperation has been established with the lead products applications sectors. ILMC expertise and advice is therefore available across the full range of issues associated with production, applications, recycling and disposal.

ILMC complements and supports existing international risk management activities and responds to the individual needs of countries who wish to introduce such projects in either industry or their local communities.

The Center welcomes inquiries and requests for either advice or assistance. Requests for assistance are assessed through the Center's considerable network of technical, metallurgical and occupational expertise. ILMC provides assistance by working with national govern-ments and interested parties to identify the most appropriate risk management options.

ILMC activities are supported by an extensive and growing database containing consensus health materials and detailed lead risk informa-tion for mining, refining, manufacturing, recycling and associated case studies. The database will also maintain a register of those agencies and organizations able to assist with the funding of community projects.


The International Lead Management Center

The International Lead Management Center was founded in July 1996 and is based in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, in the United States of America. The Center was established by the international lead industry in response to the need for coordinated international action on the issue of lead risk management.

The Center was founded by the following major mining and lead-producing corporations:

  • Aberfoyle Ltd., Australia
  • ASARCO, Inc., United States of America
  • Boliden, Sweden Cominco Ltd., Canada
  • Doe Run Company, United States of America
  • Met-Mex Penoles S.A. de C.V., Mexico
  • Mount Isa Mines Holdings, Australia
  • Noranda Mining and Smelting, Inc., Canada
  • Pasminco Ltd., Australia
  • Union Miniere, Belgium

The terms of reference and activities of the Center are under the auspices of an Executive Board comprising representatives of the 10 sponsoring companies. Guidance and direction on priorities, project feasibility and action programs are provided by a Policy Advisory Group that includes independent experts with international experience and expertise in:

  • Lead mining, smelting, refining and recycling
  • Occupational and public health
  • Risk reduction programs
  • Technology transfer
  • Social policy and economic issues

Activities of The ILMC

Pilot Programs

ILMC will assist and cooperate with government agencies interested in assessing and reducing the risk of lead exposure. ILMC anticipates that the objectives of the Lead Risk Management Project can be demonstrated through the introduction of specially designed Pilot Programs in specific countries. These Pilot Programs address distinct lead exposure issues unique to each country's cultural, technical, geographic and socio-economic circumstances.

The expertise available to ILMC will ensure that the Pilot Programs are both effective and sustainable. All investigative data, research, analysis and program documentation, including any training modules, will be retained by the government agency responsible for implementing a Pilot Program.

Risk Management Teams

When ILMC receives a request for assistance from a government agency or industry sector wishing to initiate a lead risk management program, a "Risk Management Team" will be assigned to collect, collate and analyze all the available data. This process will invariably involve several meetings between the ILMC team, government agencies, industry and community representatives. The multi-stake-holder consultative framework for interaction between the interested parties is based on subsidiarity. The extensive range of options for lead risk management, including costs and benefits, are fully considered and discussed so that the necessary measures to introduce an effective program can be formulated.

Worker Health and Hygiene Training Programs

ILMC will assist any government agency or industry that recognizes a need to assess and reduce lead exposure. Good operating practices and hygiene procedures are the most important factors in reducing occupa-tional lead exposure. Experience has shown that those companies with the lowest levels of exposure have invariably the highest operating standards and the best hygiene procedures.

Occupational health and hygiene training programs are available to assist industries wishing to improve current practices. Where necessary ILMC will provide training for local indus-try- based occupational hygienists so that they can deliver risk management programs at their own locations and facilities.

Information and educational materials designed to provide workers with informa-tion about personal risk management are available in English. Translation into Spanish, French, Chinese, Japanese and other languages can also be arranged.

Outreach To Consumer Industries

Many lead-bearing finished products are essential to the social and economic needs of modern societies. Various applications could, however, have the potential to pose a risk of exposure to either the population or the environment.

ILMC has established liaison with relevant industry and consumer organizations in order to ensure a cooperative approach to minimize exposure.

Particular emphasis is given to increasing the level of recycling lead-bearing materials to fully exploit the cost benefits and to reduce possible environmental risk.

ILMC can provide advice in those cases where a government agency intends to legislate against the production of a specified lead-bearing material on the most appropriate substitute and a transition frame-work consistent with multi-lateral trade laws and rules.

Information Resources and Databases

An essential requirement for a successful Risk Management Project, and in particular the investigation work of a Risk Management Team, is an information database. ILMC has established an extensive database covering such issues as:

  • International inventory of standards and best practice - for occupational exposure
  • Occupational and environmental case studies - for risk management projects
  • Usage, properties, risks and options - for lead bearing products
  • International inventory of standards and control - for industrial emissions
  • Research results assessing risk reduction benefits - for exposure reduction
  • Exposure assessments and environmental sampling - for abatements
  • Material collection systems, recycling technology - for recycling
  • Community-based risk management programs - an inventory of risk reduction experience

Internet Services

Information is available electronically on the Internet at: http://www.ILMC.org . Visit the interactive ILMC web site being developed to offer additional information on:

  • Risk Management and Control Protocols
  • Environmental Management Systems
  • International Lead Exposure Standards Testing
  • Methods and Procedures
  • Product Definitions
  • Codes of Practice
  • NewsCasting
  • Pilot Programs
  • Fact Sheets
  • Diary of ILMC Activities
  • An electronic inquiry and comment hotline to the ILMC office.


NewsCasting is the quarterly bulletin of ILMC and features articles covering all the international activities of the Center.

There are regular Pilot Program updates and features explaining the role and achievements of the lead industry's voluntary risk management strategy.

The bulletin was first issued in June 1997 and if you wish to receive this free publication or obtain back issues, please contact the Center.

Product and Application Information

Risk Management Information for products and applications is available for the following:

  • Ceramics - Pottery and Glass
  • Communication and Power Cables
  • Fishing Sinkers
  • Lead Coatings, Piping and Sheet
  • Lead Pigments - including paints and children's toys
  • Lead Shot
  • Lead Solder - foodcans and electronics
  • Leaded Gasoline
  • Life Cycle Inventory for Lead-Acid battery
  • Miscellaneous - including modeling and wheel weights
  • Noise Insulation Plumbing Radiation Shielding Stabilizers

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